Accreditation Process

Once Certegy Ezi-Pay is installed on your platform it must be verified before it can process live transactions.
To do this your website must process two test transactions and be verified by someone from Certegy Ezi-Pay.

Before performing the test transactions, test mode must be activated in the Certegy Ezi-Pay settings.
Please refer to the documentation for your platform.

Performing Test Transactions

You must perform two test transactions, an approved and a declined transaction.

1 - Add a product to your cart and proceed to check out with Certegy Ezi-Pay.

2 - Sign up for an Certegy Ezi-Pay account using your personal information.

  • Please ensure your mobile number is correct as you will need to receive a verification code.
  • You must use factual personal information to be identified correctly.
If you can't sign up please contact

3 - Pay the first installment using a testing credit card

  • You can use the card number 5506750000004364 with any name and valid expiry date.
  • A CVV of 200 will cause the transaction to decline. All other 3 digit numbers will succeed.

4 - Your transaction will be approved or declined and you will be redirected back to the web-store.

5 - Confirm that the transaction is showing up correctly in the sales records for your store.

Once both transactions are complete, please email with your merchant ID.