Setup on Shopify

To setup and configure Certegy Ezi-Pay on your Shopify store, please use the instructions below

Integrating Certegy Ezi-Pay

You will need your Merchant ID and an Encryption Key handy before continuing with the installation.

1 – Email for a copy of the Certegy Ezi-Pay Gateway Authorisation URL. Please include your Merchant ID in the email.

2 - Clicking the link to be taken to your store's setting page to add Certegy Ezi-Pay.

3 - Once logged in, you will see the prompt below. Click Add payment gateway.


4 - If successful, a confirmation message will be display at the bottom of the screen.


5 - Bring the Alternative Payments section into focus, expand the Select additional payment method drop-down and click Certegy Ezi-Pay.


6 - Key in you Merchant Number and Encryption Key then click on Save. You can also specify the credit cards you want to allow with Certegy Ezi-Pay.


The Show checkbox makes your Encryption Key visible as you type it in; otherwise it is masked.
Use Test Mode to test Certegy Ezi-Pay or diagnose issue; transactions are similated and credit cards are not debited.