Checkout Process

Below is a chart that summarises the flow of a transaction when processing it using Certegy Ezi-Pay.

Certegy Ezi-Pay Checkout Process

NOTE: We have included a sample cURL script that you can use to test the Certegy Ezi-Pay sandbox gateway. You can find the script under Sample cURL Script

Step 1: The customer places an order in a shopping cart providing details such as their first/last name, email address etc. The customer chooses Certegy Ezi-Pay as the payment method.

Step 2: The customer is redirected to the Certegy Ezi-Pay checkout gateway via a HTTP POST (See Request POST for details). Note that this post needs to be signed to ensure security (See Signature Generation for details).

Step 3: The customer will then complete the purchase via the Certegy Ezi-Pay Service. Customers that cancel will be redirected back to the x_url_cancel URL.

Step 4: Once a decision has been reached ('Approved' or 'Declined'), Certegy Ezi-Pay will POST (Server to Server) to the provided x_url_callback URL (See Response POST content).

Step 5: The customer is then presented with an 'Approved' or 'Declined' page. The customer is then redirected (GET) to the provided x_url_complete with the same response content as used in Step 4.

Step 6: The transaction is now complete from Certegy Ezi-Pay side as well as the client's and shopping cart's point of views.