Transact API Gateway Reference

Authorisation Process

Where marked as such, data is mandatory and an error response may be received if not provided. Alternatively, the process may display a page to force the user to enter any missing data that is deemed mandatory for the completion of an authorization process.

The authorization process will not ask again for data that has already been provided.

Resource Information

Environment URL

The availability of this test environment is subject to change.
Please advise prior to testing.

Resource Data Fields


Key Type Required Sample Description                    
x_account_id String True 30199999 The merchant number provided to you by Certegy Ezi-Pay.
x_signature String True The signature for this request. See Signature Generation
x_guid Guid (200) False Your GUID reference for this transaction (required for resuming transactions) This is returned as part of the response
x_reference String False ABC123 Your reference for this transaction This is returned as part of the response
x_test Boolean False True Perform process under test mode
Default: False
x_staff_first_name String False Harry The first name of the staff member processing this transaction
x_staff_last_name String False Tipper The last name of the staff member processing this transaction
x_currency ISO-4217 False AUD, NZD etc. Will default to AUD if not specified
x_amount Decimal False 1500.00 The total sales amount of the transaction.
x_deposit_amount Decimal False 100.00 The deposit paid by the customer
product String Diamond Ring Short description of the item or service purchased. NOTE: This is excluded from the API signature process
x_vip_number Long (10) False 1234567890 The customer’s VIP or Pre-Approval number
x_customer_title Integer False Mr = 1
Mrs = 2
Ms = 3
Miss = 4
The customer’s title
x_customer_first_name String False John The customer’s first name
x_customer_middle_name String False Andrew The customer’s middle name (not initial).
x_customer_last_name String False Smith The customer’s surname
x_customer_email String False The customer’s email address
x_customer_mobile_phone String False 0400123123 The customer’s mobile phone number
x_customer_home_phone String False 0881231234 The customer’s full home phone number
x_customer_dob Date False 1980-12-01 The customer’s date of birth in iso8601 standard date 2016-12-01. 18 years and older
x_customer_address_unit String False 1 The customer’s address (unit number)
x_customer_address_street_number String False 97 The customer’s address (street number)
x_customer_address_street_name String False Pirie The customer’s address (street name)
x_customer_address_street_type String False Street The customer’s address (street type)
x_customer_suburb String False Adelaide The customer’s address (suburb)
x_customer_state String False ACT, NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, NT, VIC, WA The customer’s address (state)
x_customer_postcode Integer False 5000 The customer’s address (postcode)
x_customer_country String False AU, NZ etc. Will default to AU if not specified
x_customer_employment_type Integer False FullTime = 1
PartTime = 2
Casual = 3
SelfEmployed = 4
AgedPensioner = 5
VeteranPensioner = 6
SelfFundedRetiree = 7
NotEmployed = 8
Employment type of the customer.
x_customer_employment_hours_per_week Decimal False 38 Customer's total working hours in a week (Not required for APC, VPC, SFR)
x_customer_employer_name String False BHP Billiton Customer's employer (Not required for APC, VPC, SFR)
x_customer_employer_suburb String False Adelaide Customer's employer suburb (Not required for APC, VPC, SFR)
x_customer_work_phone String False 0882345678 Customer’s work phone number (Not required for APC, VPC, SFR)
x_customer_abn String False 99 888 888 888 Customer's Australian Business Number (or ACN) Only If Self Employed
x_customer_last_pay_date Date False 2018-05-01 Customer’s last pay date For all Employment Types
x_customer_id_type Integer False Driver’s License = 1
Age Pension Card = 3
Veteran Affairs Card = 4
Identity type provided by the customer
x_customer_id_state String False SA State where Customer's Identity issued (if applicable)
x_customer_id_expiry_date Date False 2020-01-01 Expiry date of Customer's Identity card (if applicable)
x_customer_id_number String False abc255q Identity card number
x_customer_id_reference String False 123 Additional identity card number/reference, i.e. NSW Drivers Licence Card Number
x_url_cancel String (200) False The location that the client is redirected to if the transaction is cancelled or an error occurs.
x_url_complete String (200) False The location that the client is redirected to once the transaction is completed (Approved or Declined).
x_url_callback String (200) False The location that our API will call as part of a background process for either outcome (Approved or declined)

Return Result

Key Type Description
x_account_id String Your Certegy Merchant number
x_purchase_number String Your purchase number for this transaction.
x_reference String Your originating reference for this transaction
x_guid Guid Your originating GUID reference for this transaction
x_test Boolean Test mode enabled flag
x_amount Decimal The purchase amount of the transaction
x_deposit Decimal The deposit amount required for this transaction. Note: This might be a higher amount than your initial deposit
x_timestamp DateTime System timestamp for the transaction
x_result String Response code from the transaction:
x_signature String Signature for this payload. Your application should verify this signature to ensure veracity of the response. See Signature Generation