Setup on Magento 2

You can install Certegy Ezi-Pay plugin by manually copying plugin files across into your store's webserver.
Use the same instructions to upgrade your existing plugin to a newer release.

Supported Tech Stacks

Certegy Ezi-Pay has been tested against the following tech stacks:

Magento Version Operating System SQL PHP Version Web Server
Magento 2.1.5 Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS MySQL 5.7.17 7.0.16 Apache 2.4.25

Plugin Installation

You will need your Merchant Number and an Encryption Key handy before continuing with the installation.

1 - Download the Certegy Ezi-Pay plugin from

2 - Unzip it then copy the inner Certegy Ezi-Pay folder into the MAGENTO_DIR/app/code directory on your webserver. If the code folder doesn't exist, then create it manually.

3 - Change directory into MAGENTO_DIR/bin to make the magento utility available.

4 - Run magento setup:upgrade. This will auto-enable Certegy Ezi-Pay as part of setup:upgrade. You should see Module 'Certegy Ezi-Pay_PaymentGateway' in the output of the command.

Depending on your tech stack, you might have to use the php prefix (php magento setup:upgrade) when running the various magento commands.

5 - Flush Magento's Cache by navigating to Settings -> Cache Management -> Flush Magento Cache. Alternatively, you can run MAGENTO_DIR/bin/magento cache:flush from the command line.

6 - Run setup:static-content:deploy to avoid generated HTML referring to javascript/css that haven't been added to the list of compiled/minified assets which can break your store's front-end/admin panel.

7 - To view Certegy Ezi-Pay's settings page, navigate to Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods.